If a professional qualification acquired by an EU citizen in the United Kingdom or by British nationals or their family members in any Member State has been recognised by the competent Hungarian authority before the end of the transition period, the recognition will remain in effect in Hungary.

This also applies to the recognition by the competent Hungarian authority of professional qualifications acquired in a third country, provided that the holder of the qualification had previously gained three years of recognised experience in the UK. Likewise, both recognition ensuring partial access to pursuing professional activities and the European Professional Card remain in effect.

If an EU citizen applies to the competent UK authority for the recognition of their qualification, or a UK citizen or family member applies to the competent Hungarian authority, before the end of the transition period under European Union law, their application must be assessed and decided on in compliance with the relevant EU law. The same applies to the issuance of the European Professional Card.

For further information on the recognition of UK qualifications in Hungary please visit: www.ekvivalencia.hu