Brexit, the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, will affect EU citizens, including Hungarians, living in the United Kingdom (hereinafter: the UK).

The rights of EU citizens who were resident in the UK by the date of Brexit will not be diminished, irrespective of whether the UK withdraws from the EU with (deal-based) or without a deal (no deal).

Until the actual day of Brexit, the UK remains a Member State of the EU, and so until that date, there will be no change in the current rules and laws, including rules regarding the rights/obligations of EU citizens, including Hungarians, living in (including workers and students) or travelling to the UK.

The exact timing and conditions of the UK’s exit will, in the optimum case, be agreed between the EU and the UK government. From the start of the negotiations, Hungary has placed great emphasis on the protection of the rights of Hungarian citizens living in the UK. Immigration rules applying after Brexit will be determined later, depending on the negotiations.

In the draft Withdrawal Agreement finalized on 25th November 2018, which is currently subject to ratification, the two parties agreed, in particular, on the mutual protection of the rights of EU and UK citizens, and also on a transition/implementation period from immediately after the Brexit date until 31st December 2020, during which the current rules (applicable legislation) will remain unchanged. This is also subject to the decision on a deal-based or no deal Brexit.

Residency and visas

Eligibility for and payment of jobseekers allowance


Professional qualification

International taxation


Social security 

Applicable law, insurance obligation 

Entitlement to social security benefits in Hungary


Consumer protection

Roaming/data traffic

Passenger air traffic

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