According to the Withdrawal Agreement, the protection of geographical indications currently protected by the European Union should be granted on the territory of the United Kingdom from 1 January 2021 without a separate administrative procedure.

As from 1 January 2021, the United Kingdom shall establish its own geographical indication system in accordance with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) obligations.

Important information:

1. All applications submitted to the United Kingdom for a period of 9 months after the end of the transitional period, concerning geographical indications and traditional names for wines, may refer to the date of submission of the application to the EU.

2. Third country applicants may then submit applications only if they are protected by the system for geographical indications in the country of origin, so that only products already registered by the EU will be able to submit applications from Hungary in the United Kingdom.

3. New geographical indications logos will be introduced in the United Kingdom from 1 January 2021. Mandatory use of EU logos ceases after a transitional period of 3 years. For geographical indications of wines and spirits, the use of logos remains optional.

For more information, see the Intellectual Property Rights Section on Geographical Indicators.